The Vision of Wangari Maathai, a film by Lisa Merton and Alan Dater

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TAKING ROOT: The Vision of Wangari Maathai A Film by Lisa Merton & Alan Dater

Lisa Merton and Alan Dater
Mary Lampson, Tom Haneke, Jim Klein, Alan Dater
Alan Dater
Original Music
Additional Music
“Ave Maria” from Women in Chant: Recordáre
The Abbey of Regina Laudis, Bethlehem, CT
Sound Recordists
Tyler Gibbons, Eddah Kiruhi, Gichuru Ngoima, Roshika Dater-Merton
Online Editor/ Colorist
Ken Sirulnick, Glue Editing & Design
Audio Mixers
Tony Volante, Sound Lounge
Bill Markle, William Markle Associates
Music Mixer
Corin Nelsen
Offline Edit Facilities
Radical Avid
Marlboro Productions
Senior Consultant
Kamoji Wachiira
The Ceres Trust
Ford Foundation
Katahdin Foundation
Shaklee Corporation
Hartley Film Foundation, Inc.
Rolf A. Merton
John Bernstein
Susan Ritz, Anne Simonson and the Larsen Fund
Ruth H. Brown Foundation
Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.
Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation
James and Judith H. Putnam
Putnam Foundation
J. Parker Huber
And many other generous individuals

Taking Root Film

a film by
Lisa Merton and Alan Dater

Marlboro Productions

Marlboro, Vermont